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Here we have assembled an array of beautiful bouquets to choose from, although almost anything is possible. Our talented team of florists can match your color scheme with a variety of tropical flowers you may not even be aware of. Talk with your wedding coordinator about the flowers to bring your wedding to life. If you don´t see your bouquet here, we can customize a bouquet to match your color scheme, flower choices or even a photo you saw in a magazine. Our florists are creative and can create whatever type of bouquet you can imagine. Talk to your wedding coordinator about flowers to fit your personality.

Bridal Bouquets with Tropical Flowers Start at $200 Flower Leis $25 and up Hair Flowers $25 Boutonnieres $25 Circle of Love Flowers $220

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B000 B001 B002 B003 B004 B005 B006 B008 B009 B010 B011 B012 B013 B014 B101 B102 B103 B104 B106 B107 B108 B109 B110 B111 B112 B113 B114

Boutonnieres / Wrist Haku

BN101 BN102 BN103 WH001

Hair Flowers

BH101 BH102 BH103 BH104


Double tuberose and green orchids Double white orchids Plumeria and white orchids Ti leaf and blue and white orchids Ti leaf and purple orchids Turebose and pink rosebuds Turebose and purple orchids Turebose and ti leaf Turebose and white orchids White orchid and yellow plumeria White orchid and yrosebuds White orchid and Thai orchids White orchid and ilima Multicolor white, purple, green orchid Purple and white orchid haku Purple orchid Orchid, plumeria and ilima Tuberose and carnation Multicolor haku Ilima and tuberose Multicolor plumeria and orchid Double tuberose Maile leaf lei Ti leaf


C001 C002 C003 C004 C005 C006 C007



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We are a full-time wedding planning company who only works with top professional vendors. With our local knowledge we will help you through every step of your wedding planning making your wedding a success.

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If you have questions, feel free to email or call us, we are happy to answer all your questions and suggest special ways you can customize your ceremony here in Hawaii. We look forward to talking with you soon.

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