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Specialty Services

In-Room Massage

Treat yourselves to a relaxing massage right in your hotel room, condo, or private villa. Our team of professional, licensed massage therapist will come right to your room to provide you a rejuvenating and therapeutic one hour massage to make you feel your best on your wedding day.
One hour massage - $170
Couples one hour massage - $350

In Room Massage



Have a great time with having a professional photobooth at your event.everything is included,

  • Unlimited photos shot in High-Resolution by a Canon DSLR Camera
  • 4x6 custom prints B/W or color
  • Full time professional attendant
  • Your Choice of background color
  • Custom front panels for your event
  • Full 3- hours of shoot time
  • No charge for set-uo or tear down
  • Photos in 7 seconds..
Starts at - $799

Photobooth at your Event


Wedding Gown Pressing - Maui

Wedding Gown Pressing

Ship your wedding dress to us and we will have it pressed and ready when you arrive. Avoid the hassle, cost and inconvenience with having to bring your dress with you on the plane. Our professional expert dress presser will have your dress ready for pick-up when you arrive. That will be one less thing to think about while you are here enjoying paradise. Pressing service starts at about $50 and is dependent upon the size and complexity of the dress. If you want, she can also press the groom's outfit.


Dove Releasing - Maui or Oahu

The releasing of white doves can add great meaning to your wedding celebration; they can be the icing on the cake! You may have as few as two white doves or as many as 100!
Two Doves - $125
Ten Doves - $160
Twenty Doves - $190
Thirty Doves - $220

Dove Releasing


Butterfly Releasing - Maui

Butterfly releasing

In almost every culture, butterflies are associated with happy moments. Butterflies carry wishes to heaven and are considered messengers for the soul. Release butterflies during your wedding and observe the dazzling smiles as these colorful beings entertain you and your guests.
Six Butterflies released - $170
Twelve Butterflies released - $235
Twenty-four Butterflies released - $450


Circle of Love Flowers

Circle of Love

This beautiful flower "Circle of Love" is a great spot in which to exchange your vows and is a colorful addition to your wedding ceremony. "Circle of Love" Flowers $250. (available only on Maui)


Flower Pathways

Beautiful flower pathways are available in a variety of flower choices, such as: plumeria (pictured), orchids, or roses and can match the color scheme of your bouquet.Flowers and length of pathway determine the price form $245 - $650

Flower Pathways


Ti Leaf Throwing Flowers

Ti Leaf Throwing Flowers

Have your guests shower you in flower blossoms with our unique Ti Leaf Throwing Flowers. Available in a variety of colors to match the scheme of your wedding, these bundles of flowers are nested in a ti leaf to make throwing easy.
Ti Leaf Throwing Flowers $20 ea.


Bamboo Archway - Maui

The most popular archway is by far the Bamboo Wedding Arch which can be plain or with flower arrangements to match your color schemes (not available on beaches).
Bamboo Wedding Arch $400
With 3 flower arrangements $825
With 4 flower arrangements $925
With 5 flower arrangements $1100

Bamboo Archway


Bamboo Chuppa Arch - Maui

Bamboo Chuppa Arch

The Bamboo Chuppa arch is the very popular way to provide a cover overhead. Not just for Jewish ceremonies (not available on beaches).
Your chuppa can be plane $400
With 3 flower arrangements $825
With 4 flower arrangements $925
With 5 flower arrangements $1100


Hawaiian Wedding Renewal and LGBT Certificates Lei Aloha Lei Makamae

These lithographs by Hawaiian artist Shayna Baecker Magid are a beautiful reminder of your LCBT wedding or wedding renewal day to be framed and cherished forever. Pictured is the most popular Lei Aloha Lei Makamae renewal or partners in life certificate which is an unlimited edition 12x16 inch lithograph printed on museum quality paper $65.

Only available in Renewal of Vows and Partners In Life $65

Lei Aloha Lei Makamae


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