Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

What would a wedding be without a wedding cake? Whether you would like a simple wedding cake for two or an elaborate towering confection, we can fulfill your wedding cake fantasy. Our bakers have created thousands of wedding cakes for our couples in the the past twenty years. With island-wide delivery available, we can provide you with the perfect wedding cake to fit your sense of style, as well as your budget. Our cakes are made from fresh, pure ingredients like real butter and Grade A heavy whipping cream, so your cakes taste as good as they look! All of the designs shown on our pages can be made to fit any size party.

Cake Details

Six Inch Cake $95.00

We work with one of Maui's top bakers and pastry chefs, Casey Logsdon. Casey has won countless awards for his creative cake styles. Many couples order a small six inch white cake like this one. All cakes come with a flower topper and setup with table, white tablecloth, use of cake cutter and server, plate & fork. You may also consider purchasing our Dolphin Heart Wedding Set which includes our Dolphin Heart cake topper.

Eight Inch Cake $145.00
Ten Inch Cake $200.00
Twelve Inch Cake $230.00
Fourteen Inch Cake $265.00

If you have six to ten guests you may want to order an eight inch cake (pictured), or, for 10 to 15 guests, a ten inch cake, 15 to 20, a twelve inch. All of our cakes include your choice of fillings - vanilla, chocolate, raspberry or lilikoi, and choice of cake - white or chocolate.

Mini Seashell Cake $180.00

This is a miniature version of our popular seashell cakes. Great for small parties (serves up to 10); the two tiers shown are a 4" over a 6" piped with a nautical scroll pattern. It is decorated with edible white chocolate seashells and coral and nestled on a bed of Sand (Maui Raw Sugar).

Fondant Seashell Cakes

The popular seashell cake is also available in fondant with pink seashells & starfish. This island style cake is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your wedding party. Each cake can be made a different flavor, choices included are: Vanilla Whip Cream Custard; Vanilla Whip Cream Custard with a layer of Raspberry; Vanilla Whip Cream Custard with a layer of Lilikoi (Passion fruit - a big favorite); Chocolate Mousse; Chocolate Mousse with a layer of Raspberry, Raspberry Mousse, Whip Cream or Mocha. Ask for a quote.

Tiered/Stacked Cakes
Six and Eight Inch Cake $240.00
Six and Ten Inch Cake $295.00
Eight and Ten Inch Cake $345.00
Three Tiered Cake (6, 8, 10) $440.00

If you are having more guests, consider our two or three tiered wedding cakes. They are available with an eight or ten inch bottom and eight or six inch top. Pictured is an eight inch bottom and a six inch top. Bring your own cake topper if you wish, otherwise they will include the fresh flowers to match your color scheme.

Special Order Cakes

This is one of Casey's special order cake creations which he reproduced from a magazine photograph for one of our wedding couples. This cake is larger than it seems in this photograph. The figurines are 12 inches high and very heavy. This is called the "Cupid Cake" and was $675.00 without the figurines, which were purchased separately from Italy.

Everything on this cake was eatable except the figurines. The roses were hand airbrushed in pastel tones with sugar, the ribbon edges were dipped in gold leaf! This cake came out a good as the magazine picture!

Special Order Cakes

What ever you can imagine or find in a book or magazine our baker can create it! This is the "Sea Shell" cake made with white chocolate sea shells, sea urchins, conch shells, and star fish. There is no place for flowers on this cake! It included two different flavored tiers, one was a delightful lilikoi the other was cream.

Special Order Cakes

Here is another of Casey's special order cake creations which he and his wife, Cheryl, recently created.

Inspired by the architecture of the seventeenth and early century, this three tiered cake is enlivened with swags, and gilded flourishes. The intricate handmade fruit and leaf clusters, and the spectacular crown capture the spirit of the Baroque Period. It took them 15 hours to make, paint and apply the decoration. This cake sold for over $800!

Don't see your cake here? Don't worry; we can customize your cake to match your color scheme, flavor choices or even a photo you saw in a magazine. Our award winning pastry chefs are extremely creative and can create whatever type of cake you can imagine! Talk to your wedding coordinator about cakes to fit your personality.


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